We now have Kill-a-watt Meters!

Killowatt meter     

You’ll probably be quite surprised at how much electricity some things use… Believe it or not, some bad electrical items even use energy when they’re switched off! These bad items are called “electricity vampires” because they keep sucking electricity until you unplug them or switch them off at the wall.

A plug-in meter will enable you to hunt down these electricity vampires and any other faulty or inefficient equipment that’s using more energy than it should… Once you’ve found the worst offenders you can repair or replace them, or at least take special care to switch them off or unplug them when they’re not needed.

Some appliances, such as refrigerators, can cost a small fortune to run if they’re a bit worse for wear, so it’s very important to check such items every so often to ensure that they’re not pouring energy and money down the drain.

Even if you don’t find any inefficient equipment, using one of these plug-in electricity usage monitors will almost certainly make you more aware of your energy consumption, and you can use the figures from it to encourage your co-workers or family to be more careful about switching things off when they’re not needed.

Please check out more information about Kilowatt Meters HERE

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