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6th Annual Six Word Story Contest Winners

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Children Category

1st Place $50: “I came back stronger and better.”
— Mariposa Apodaca, 12, 6th grade

2nd Place $30: “The ball only flies when hit.”
— Jaclyn Johnson, 10, 4th grade

3rd Place $20: “‘Get ’em Duke!’ ‘Whoa, Duke!’ My horse!”
— Adrienne Froese, 9, 2nd grade

Runner Up $10: “Runaway kitty. Dog barking at tree.”
— Zadok Collins, 12, 6th grade

Teen Category

1st Place $50: “Whimper. Last breath. Quiet, empty home.”
— Elijah Chavez, 13, 7th grade

2nd Place $30: “You left, I stayed, life changed.”
— Briley Mayhoffer, 12, 7th grade

3rd Place $20: “The wolves advanced toward the girl.”
— Liberty Wells, 14, 9th grade

Runner Up $10: “Shoe in lake. Missing persons case.”
— Ezra Collins, 15, 9th grade

Adult Category

1st Place $50: “Whispers of dreams, echoing infinite possibilities.”
— Nicole Romero

2nd Place $30: “Peaceful thoughts always create beautiful sights.”
— Marci Shoulderblade

3rd Place $20: “Delicate flower weathers the storm’s wrath.”
— Kristin Carpenter

Runner Up $10: “Benchwarmer–tie game–she shoot… scores!”
— Silkiana Baca

Congratulations to our 2024 winners!

Thanks to all 51 participants, the panel of judges, and our sponsor: Woodruff Memorial Library Friends!

Thank you for investing in your community!