August 2017 Eclipse

On  August 21, 2017 a total eclipse of the Sun will be visible from Colorado. This will be the first total eclipse visible from America’s lower 48 states in over 38 years (the last one happened in 1979) and the next total Solar Eclipse visible in Colorado won’t be until 2045!

La Junta will have 92% totality; the eclipse will start at 10:23am, Maximum coverage (the darkest time) will occur at 11:48am, and the eclipse will end at 1:16pm.

Join us at Woodruff Memorial Library to celebrate this rare and wonderful event!

WML will be giving free Eclipse Glasses for first 200 people to join our festivities so that they can safely watch the eclipse.


We will have Information stations around the library with handouts (like coloring pages for all ages, puzzles, worksheets, project directions…) and offering some hands-on experience so you can learn more about

  • The astronomical sun (solar astronomy, the solar system, how & why of eclipses )
  • The historical sun (the sun in mythology, solar gods & goddesses; peoples’ reactions to eclipses in history, The year without summer…)
  • Solar power/technology (solar ovens / cooking, Solar hot water heaters, using focused sunlight to start a fire, solar batteries…)
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